Mentor's Training Course

This course is for anyone who wants to be a Mentor on The Magickal Grove Academy

Teacher's Orientation

This course is an in depth look at teaching in the world of Pagans/Wiccans.  It also helps you to better understand the anatomy of an online course, what an online course should include, the three ways that people learn and the best tools to use to teach all three ways at once.

Teaching online has become more and more prevalent in today's fast moving, fast paced, social media society.  This course will help you navigate this site the best way you can so you can be the best teacher you can become.

This course is taught using the book, "A Teaching Handbook For Wiccans & Pagans by Thea Sabin.  In order to take this course you must purchase the course book on your own or use the Academy's Bookstore to purchase one.

If you want to become a teacher here on the Academy you must first take this course and sign the agreement.

If you are taking this course to become a teacher here on the Academy then this course is free and you can receive a password by just signing the teacher's agreement.  

However, if you are just taking the course for the certificate in the technology of how to use the programming we use here on the Academy, then the price is $40.