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Today, 12:00 AM
This day commemorated Hades' abduction of Persephone, the goddess of flowers, and her removal to the underworld. Some circles see this as a dark day, on which a powerful goddess is raped; others see it as a joyful occasion, in which men and women open their shadow selves to each other and reveal their darker desires.

In ritual alone, it is a good time for exploring the darker side of your sensuality. Groups should plan ahead to determine exactly what the overall shape or plan for the ritual should be. It is ideal to either celebrate or mourn Persephone's descent to the underworld, but not both.
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Aleister Crowley Death

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Thursday, 30 November, 7:00 PM
Aleister Crowley was born Edward Alexander Crowley on 12 October 1875 and died on 1 December 1947. Born in Leamington, Warwickshire, England, between 11:00pm and 12 midnight on 12 October 1875. Though his interests and accomplishments were wide-ranging (he was a chess master, mountain climber, poet, writer, painter, astrologer and social critic), Crowley is doubtless best remembered as an occultist, mystic, sexual revolutionary, and drug addict (especially heroin). He was quite notorious during his life, and was dubbed "The Wickedest Man In the World"; the term first appeared in 1928 in John Bull, a tabloid pictorial of the day.
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Friday, 1 December, 12:00 AM
Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, was thanked on this day with a sacrifice, and in some locations with a ring-dive: a woman would throw a ring to the sea, and young men would dive for it; the boy who brought up the ring would be married to the woman. This day marked the end of the Mediterranean trade and sailing season, as well.

It's a good day to eat fish in ritual, and consider your relationship to Earth's oceans and seas, not only as sources of food, but also as a transportation network that brings you luxuries from overseas, information, and weather. Poseidon is also a god of environment, in that he guided his many children in the responsible use of the sea.