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Thursday, 19 July, 12:00 AM
Adonis was the Roman god of manhood. He was a beautiful god, fair-haired and muscular, and in the prime of his sexuality. As such, today is a suitable day for marking a youth's passage into manhood.

In ritual alone and with others, celebrate men's sexuality and sensuality, but also their athleticism, their future role as fathers and elders, and their potential as warriors.
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Neptunalia & Salacia

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Monday, 23 July, 12:00 AM
Neptune, the god of the sea, and Salacia, the goddess of brine springs (used for preserving food), were considered the married divinities responsible for all salt water. The Romans celebrated their feast day with a variety of salted foods, including ham (Parma ham, for example, is salted from an old Roman well) and fish. They were considered a pair representing both tradition and change — Salacia preserved, and Neptune altered.

Use ritual today in groups and alone to conisder how tradition and change play a role in your spiritual practice.

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Wednesday, 25 July, 12:00 AM
Furrina was a goddess of springs and wells. She represented sources of water in dry places and at dry times. At this point in the Roman summer, many cities were hot places, and many fields were drying out. Underground water sources were critical to the survival of both people and cities.

Use ritual today to welcome change from underground or unexpected sources, and the bubbling up of love and romance into your life. Make space and time to celebrate water as a force of nature, that shapes how you eat and drink.

Furrina's grove outside the walls of Rome was also the site of the murder of Roman political activist and reformer Gaius Gracchus, who was the younger brother of another murdered reformer, Tiberius Gracchus. The two brothers sought rights and property for the poor of Rome, and the leading property owners had them assassinated. Today is a good day for remembering the martyrs for the cause of social justice and good govenrment.