| Saturday, 12 May 2018 |
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Start of Hawthorn Celtic tree month

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8:00 PM
H - Huath, the Hawthorn Month (May 13th - June 9th)
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The Lemuria was a festival of the ancestors in ancient Rome. Primarily, it was a time for celebrating the heroic fathers and mothers of one's own house and clan, but it was also a time for acknowledging the heroic fathers and mothers of the Roman state as well — a kind of patriotic spirit week.

Today, it is useful for pagans to consider three kinds of ancestors in ritual space: first there are our own personal ancestors. Next there are the 'ancestors' of our faith and spiritual practice, the mortals whose teachings serve as our guide; and the 'ancestors' of our nation, who created a country in which we have a place and a right to practice our faith. Finally, there are the ancestors of the human race generally — who domesticated the plants and animals that feed us, who made the tools that give us work and health, and invented the music and art that we cherish. There is rich and fertile ground here for all sorts of ritual, from the personal to the patriotic to the deeply spiritual... take advantage of all of it.