| Wednesday, 25 October 2017 |
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The Dioscuri: Castor & Pollux

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12:00 AM
The Dioscuri, meaning "Sons of Zeus" or "Healing Gods" depending on who's doing the translation, were Castor and Pollux in Roman tradition, and Crispin/Crispianus in the Christian tradition. The Battle of Agincourt was fought on this day in 1415.

The Dioscuri were widely admired in the ancient world for centuries, and temples to them stood in many places. The were warriors to the Mycenaean Greeks and to Homer, healers to the Hellenistic Greeks of the years after Alexander, and magicians and miracle-workers to the Romans. Several traveling Christian Apostles were mistaken for the reappearance of the gods themselves, who had a habit of curing people for free, and then mysteriously vanishing. They were a symbol of men working in partnership.

In ritual alone and with others, give thanks to the strong but gentle men in your life, for responsible fathers and helpful brothers and the neighbor who ploughs your driveway in winter. It is a good time for the meeting of the partners of women in covens, or for the formation of men's groups.