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12:00 AM » Wednesday, 18 April, 12:00 AM
Dionysius, called Bacchus in ancient Rome, was the god of wine, feasting and celebration. In ancient art, he is often the clown — boogie-ing in formal processions, wearing women's clothing, leaping around and singing. His maenads or bacchante were wild women who went into the mountains and woods at the dark of the moon to perform sensuous, depraved ritual — or so the men of Greece assumed; they never followed. In the cities, the theaters were his temples, where tragedies and comedies were first performed.

Dionysius was a god of drunkenness and altered states, but the Greeks and early Romans alike valued revelry and tipsiness rather than drunken orgy. They watered their wine in order to lengthen the party into the early morning hours. In ritual alone and with others, drink to loosen the tongue for story and laughter, rather than for drunkenness. Hold a play-reading and enjoy food and celebration together.
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Festival of Ceres

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Thursday, 12 April, 12:00 AM » Saturday, 21 April, 12:00 AM
Ceres, called Demeter in Greece, was the goddess of the field and harvest. In contrast with Artemis who was goddess of the wild places, Demeter was a deity of cultivated land, and of the food it produced.

Originally this was a time for making bread with what remained of last year's grain, and for making delicate pastries and honey cakes. Recipes like Amish friendship bread and sourdough starters can be spread around during this time, and it is a great time for creating community cookbooks. Spend time today alone and in group ritual talking about food: ways to use it for health and healing, for community growth, and for spiritual nourishment.